Weee! shopping bag

Weee! is the largest Asian grocery delivery store in the US. People can buy fresh food through our website or application. As an e-commence shop, Weee! wanted to design a unique gift for our present customers to thank them for their support.

Therefore, I collaborated with the marketing and product design team, and created a shopping bag. We believed we could develop the brand identity with our prevailing customers by giving them an exclusive and limited-edition shopping bag. As well as being a gift, the bag had an additional benefit to Weee! as it could used by these customers when they went out, resulting in a boost to brand awareness in the Asian community. It was anticipated that this would lead to a subsequent growth in Weee!'s customer base.

I selected several famous Asian vegetables and unique items which only sold on Weee! Website. And then, I illustrated them with a simple and graphic style, therefore, people can easily recognize the shapes from a far distance. Instead of using our brand color - blue, I used green to emphasize the image of fresh vegetables.

Real bag

Final design